DWL Policies

1. Please arrive to class early and pick up on time. 

2. Please do not leave your child unattended when they are not in class.

3. Please do not come in to talk to the teacher during class times.

4. Hair should be tightly secured away from the face prior to class starting.

5. Please write your child's name in all dance clothing and shoes. We cannot be responsible for any items left. 

6. Please do not wear jewelry to class. 

7. No running in MBE school!

8. No chewing gum!

9. No food or drink is allowed in the auditorium. All water bottles are to be left in the hallway.

10. All students must follow the dress code as noted below.

Dress Code:


Pink tights, solid leotard in any color

Pink ballet shoes and white tap shoes


Leotard or fitted dance top in any color. Dance shorts, with or without tights 

Tan jazz shoes and white tap shoes

Jazz and Dance Team Prep

Fitted dance top with dance shorts or leggings

Tan jazz shoes

Hip Hop

Athletic or dance wear with sneakers. No oversized T-shirts please

*Dance shoes and class attire can be purchased at Applause Dancewear.

Recital Policies

*The spring recital will be held in early May 2020. There will be a mandatory dress rehearsal the day before the recital. Students must attend the dress rehearsal in order to dance in the recital. 

*Every child that is enrolled in Dance with Lauren will be ordered a recital costume for each class in which they are enrolled. If your child does not plan to participate in the recital, please let us know by November 1st, 2019. Otherwise, you will be charged for the costume and recital fees. 

*Regular attendance in class is important in order for the student to progress in their dance training and keep up with the class. This is especially important in the spring as we prepare for our recital. Please make every effort to attend class each week.